Promoting Educational Equality, Childhood Literacy and a Love of Reading,


Early access to books has the ability to transform children's lives. Fundamentally, Bags of Books promotes educational equality, advocates for literacy, and fosters a love of reading in children.

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Love of Reading

Avid reading at a young age is correlated with learning growth and overall happiness. The stories children find in books help expand their imagination and the information inspires them to want to learn more. After books are collected via book drives, Bags of Books helps excited students select a bag full of books of their choice at our “pop-up” stores.

Educational Equality

Children from low-income households are less likely to have access to age-appropriate books, and therefore, disproportionately experience the impact of summer slide. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, children represent 24 percent of the population, but they comprise 34 percent of all people in poverty. 


As a partner with Bags of Books, you can help provide underserved students with reading material for their own homes in order to prevent the devastating effects of illiteracy and sub-par reading skills.

Childhood Literacy


Bags of Books is an active and well-known local advocate for childhood literacy. Bags of Books utilizes social media platforms to increase community involvement and receives growing exposure on television and radio programs. Through numerous public appearances, Bags of Books' founder and president, Alexa Grabelle, promotes literacy and increases awareness about the critical need for donated books in the United States and abroad. 

Here are some of our corporate partners who run no-cost employee gently used children's books collections.  

Thanks to those who donate bags or services  for our "pop-up" bookstores.